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To be frank, Gay Saiyans.

And some other cool stuff too.


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United States
I like to think one day, I'll do comics for a living.
Other than that, I'm the Melon. I draw comics and I work a part time job to pay the bills. I'm actually pretty comfortable in my life right now and though I don't exercise as much as I should and I worry too much, I think I got a decent gig going on.
Let's keep going at this thing together! Making a comic doesn't take one person; it takes us all!
I first want to offer my sincere thanks for all those who commissioned me or spread the word that I was in need of commissions in order to stay afloat! All of your kindness really  helped me during that rough time.

I would like to let you all know how things are going and that my disappearance from almost all online media has been due to good reasons. Firstly, my husband has a new job that is pretty awesome but keeps him very busy; I see him maybe 2 days a week for longer than an hour. I, myself, have a job as well. Not a new job but, in fact, my old job. The long and short of it is the manager who caused me a lot of discourse and a lot of angst has been terminated from the position. Apparently the company frowns upon losing several staff within the period of 2 weeks, especially staff that have been there as long as I have. The new temporary store manager was gracious enough to give me back my job but since I started it 2 weeks ago, things have been hopping. I mean utterly non-stop motion.

Due to the old manager being gone, lots of things have now opened up and there's a lot of inner workings finally getting smoothed out but it's requiring a lot of manpower and a lot of knowledge from those who have been there. Ie: myself.

So I've been pulling a lot of long days because if this goes right, I may be up for that promotion I've been fighting for for 5 years. That means a lot to me because of my impending move and career as well.

Get to the nitty gritty Melon! Right. Sorry. All in all, I'm going to take a break from social media for awhile. It's really exhausting having to focus on all of them at the moment. I'm still doing comics, still drawing and writing and getting things done but taking the time to update, upload, and making my presence known online is going to die down a little. Cherries and I have talked about this and we both think it's for the best.

It shouldn't be for long; I'm estimating until the end of the year, start of next year so 4-5 months. That's nothing in comparison to my last hiatus of 1 year haha so this shouldn't be too bad! If I get a hair and decide to post something, I will but I hope that it's ok if it's not a frequent or constant update. I'm doing a lot in that time: working, saving, getting Ghost Network ready to go online, rewriting Frame by Frame, and of course, working on book 2 of Sky Avenue.

Before this gets ANY longer, I want to say thank you in advance for understanding. If you want to stop watching me because this is super annoying, I really do understand! I'm a comic creator and it's my 'job' to create and if I can't do that, then obviously I'm not doing my job very well. But this job is only a job I put upon myself. I don't get any money for doing this (save for commissions but those are commissions) so I do need to focus on the thing that does put food in my mouth and help me save for my future.

Thank you all once again and I'll try to hop on periodically to keep you all posted of any major events!
  • Listening to: Space Lion - Cowboy Bebop
  • Reading: The Martian
  • Watching: Voltron
  • Playing: Persona 4
  • Eating: Fries
  • Drinking: Diet Soda

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